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Enhanced (Hybrid) Discs

Hybrid Disks

Additional Disc Services

Additional Disc Services

DVD CSS Encryption (Copy Protection)

Media Movers can fully author your DVD video content and include CSS Copy protection (Used on 99% of Hollywood DVD Discs Sold in Retail Stores)

This protection scrambles the disc content and makes it near impossible for the average consumer to duplicate the disc content without affecting playback.

NOTE: CSS Encryption is only available for DVD replication projects over 500 Units.

Enhanced (Hybrid) Discs

Have you ever wished you could make a CD which played as an audio CD and acted like a data cd, or had a DVD movie which came with PDFs and other computer files?

Media Movers can make your CDs and DVDs in hybrid form, which allows you make disc combinations which work in multiple situations.

Our Hybrid Disks Include:

  • Audio CD + Data CD (Plays in Both Computer & Car CD Player)
  • VCD or SVCD Video Disc with Data CD (Plays in DVD Players and Computers)
  • DVD Video + Data DVD (Plays in DVD Video players and shows documents, files etc when in a PC)

These discs are great for Media Kits which you can send to radio stations with images, MP3s and Videos of your band, and the CD can be used as a standard Audio CD when placed in a car stereo or CD player.

VHS, DVr, BetaMAX and Mastering Tape Digital Conversion to DVD Media

Media Movers can convert your analogue or digital tapes into DVD Video ready for replication.
We can also add multimedia menus to your videos to present your video in a more professional manner.

For more information and pricing, please contact one of our friendly sales staff.