Blu-Ray Media Services

Blu-ray duplication


Blu-Ray Media Services

Media Movers offers the following Blu-ray services:

  • Blu-ray duplication for orders under 1000 units
  • Blu-ray replication for orders of a minimum 1000 units for initial order (re-runs are a minimum of 500 units)
  • Blu-ray printed blank discs
  • Various Blu-ray sized packaging options
  • Media Movers carries out a copy comparison/verification on all duplicated discs

Why choose Blu-Ray?

  • Storage Size – over 5 x more space than a DVD
  • Video Quality – Blu-ray offers double the video resolution of DVD videos
  • Durability – Hard protective coating to protect your data from scratches
  • Copy Protection – 128Bit AACS Encryption vs DVD’s 40Bit CSS Encryption
  • Speedy navigation and access to content
Blu-ray media can be played on the new generation of Blu-Ray Players and computer BD-ROM drives. They will not operate in standard DVD Players.