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DVD Replication

DVD Services – DVD Duplication & DVD Replication

Media Movers has full in house DVD Duplication and Replication facilities for both Video, Data and Hybrid Video/Data DVD discs.

DVD Duplication is the process of ‘burning’ data to a high quality blank DVD-R and performing high quality printing direct to the disc surface. This process is significantly quicker and cheaper than replication for orders below 500 units.

DVD Replication is a complete manufacturing process, whereby a glass master is created (from your master disc) which is then stamped into CDs as they are being made. This process is identical to CDs and DVDs sold in retail stores and allows for virtually any quantities over 500 units. Due to setup costs associated with production of a glass master, this process is only cost effective over 500 units and turnarounds are between 8 to 10 days.

NOTE: Both processes produce high quality discs which will play in 99.9% of DVD Drives in both PCs and MAC computers as well as Standalone DVD Players (Depending on disc content).


DVD Replication Special

1000 Replicated DVDs with Full Colour Print from 59c each + GST. (Packaging not included in this price)

Available Disc Capacities

4.7 Gigabytes
8.5 Gigabytes
Physical Arrangement
Single Layer, Single Side
Dual Layer, Single Side


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