What is the difference between Replication and Duplication?

Replication is a process in which your discs are pressed from a glass master, and offset printed. The minimum order for replication is 500 units, although replication becomes more cost effective for orders of 1000 units upwards. If you specifically require replicated CDs, please mention this in your quote request.

Duplication is a process where disc are inkjet printed, and then burnt from a Master CD. All order under 500 units will be duplicated discs.

What are the different methods of printing?

  • Replicated discs are offset printed from CMYK artwork.
  • Duplicated discs are inkjet printed from CMYK artwork.
  • Printed blank discs may be inkjet or offset printed.
  • For packaging some paper parts are digitally printed, some are offset printed, depending on the kind of packaging and the order size.
  • If your artwork requires PMS (Pantone Matching System) Colour printing, this is a silkscreen process. PMS Colours are only achievable in flat, solid colours, and PMS printing has a minimum order of 500 units. Please request this when placing your order to ensure you are quoted correctly.

Please discuss any special printing requirements you have with your account manager to ensure they are achievable.

How do I supply my master?

It is preferable that your master is supplied on a disc, in its ready-to-copy format. We then make exact replicates/duplicates  of the master disc you supply. Please note – it is vital that you check the master is operating correctly before submitting to us as we do not check or change your content.  Please send masters by post to our PO Box, or by courier to our physical address. A physical master CD or DVD can be used for either duplication or replication.

If you are replicating your discs, you may be able to supply us with a DDP Image, either by disc, or by a link from which we can download content.

If you do wish to upload your master content, rather than supplying a master disc, please discuss this with your account manager prior to sending, to ensure correct formats are used.

If you supply files which need to be converted to CD Audio format by Media Movers, this needs to be advised to your account manager prior to submission, and a fee for conversion will apply.

Please note – the content on your master CD will not be looked at unless you specifically request file conversion prior to submitting your content.

How do I register my track information to appear in iTunes?

Ask your account manager to email you information on how to submit CDs to Gracenote using iTunes. Gracenote is a company that maintains and licenses an internet-accessible database containing information about the contents of Audio CDs. Several computer software applications that are capable of playing CDs, such as Winamp, Media Go, and iTunes, use Gracenote’s CDDB technology.

Does the price of the duplicated/replicated disc include the printing on the disc?

Yes, all duplication and replication quotes will include printing on your discs.

How do I supply my artwork?

Artwork can be submitted to us as PSD, EPS, AI or TIF formats, however our preference is print ready, high resolution PDF file at 300 dpi, supplied with 5mm of bleed. Please note that bleed is important for printing, and if your artwork is supplied with no bleed, you will need to re-submit it. Bleed is the extension of your background artwork 3-5mm over the crop marks of the template, and will be trimmed off.

Printing is CMYK as standard; if PMS printing is required please make sure this is discussed to check if it is possible for your order.

You can email artwork files to your account manager, or upload files via dropbox, yousendit.com or wetransfer.com. If you need any assistance with submitting artwork, ask your account manager.

Selected templates are available on our website to download, or you can ask your account manager to email the specific template required to you.

Submitting USB artwork

Generally, USB quotes will include 1-3 PMS Colour printing. We can also print CMYK artwork if required – please advise your account manager prior to accepting a quote what your artwork requirement, and we can confirm.

If you are supplying PMS artwork, you need to supply an .eps file, in vector format.

Media Movers will supply a mock-up of your artwork onto the USB model chosen for you to approve before we print the order.

How do I use the templates to create my artwork?

Open the template in the design program you are using, and use it as a layer to design and layout your artwork over. When you supply your artwork to Media Movers, you need to ensure you don’t flatten the template onto your design, so it can be removed before printing.

Can Media Movers supply custom-made packaging options?

If your order is for a minimum of 500 units, we can work with you to design and create new cardboard packaging options. Use your imagination, and we can turn it into reality!

What is the turnaround time for my order?

Turnaround times will be noted in your quote and can vary; but in general-

  • Replication has a turnaround time of approximately 2 weeks.
  • Duplication orders can take from 3-8 business days, depending on the type of packaging being printed. Please check this with your account manager
  • Delivery time is additional to this (if required)
  • For larger orders (10k upwards generally), there may the option of a 5-6 week turnaround at a discount.
  • Please note delivery times can vary from 1-2 business days, to 5-6 business days to some remote areas. Please check this with your account manager.

Does Media Movers service countries outside Australia?

Yes. In general, if your order is over 500 units, we can quote you on delivery worldwide. We can also supply quotes to overseas customers, please outline your requirements in your quote request.