Our Tray-Pack Range

Tray-Packs (also known as Digi-Packs) are the premium packaging for CD and DVD media. Our Tray-Packs are constructed from heavy durable cardboard stock, which can be covered with a premium gloss or Matte finish to really WOW your customers and clients.

Our Tray-Packs are remarkably flexible and can be configured with different colours, panels, trays (and much more) to suit your individual project needs.

Tray-Pack Styles:

CD Style Tray-Packs
Similar in size to Standard CD Jewel Cases.

DVD Style Tray-Packs
Similar in size to Standard DVD Cases.

Configurable Options (for both styles):

  • Additional Disc Trays – We can help you enclose one, five or more discs in the one pack.
  • Alternative Tray Colours (Clear, Black or White).
  • Glued or Slotted Booklet Pockets (For extra content or materials inside the Tray-Pack)
  • Premium Finishes – Add Spot Gloss or Matte Varnish finishes.
  • Posters – Slot a fold out poster inside your Tray-Pack.
  • Eco-Materials – We can create your Tray-Pack from 100% recycled stock.
  • Returnable Cards – Enclose a return card for feedback from your clients.

Available Styles

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