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Here at Media Movers we have been working our green thumbs off to provide innovative products and services that reduce our carbon emissions so that we can leave as small an eco-footprint as possible in our wake. This has been a difficult task in an industry where appearance is everything. Despite this however, we believe that we have come up with not only viable alternatives, but extremely high quality products for our clients who desire either for personal or corporate responsibility reasons, an environmentally sensitive alternative.

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Environmental Product Design

At Media Movers we have designed, registered and trademarked certain eco-friendly designs with the aim of reducing your, and our, carbon footprint. Such products include:
• Traypacks (Digipacks), utilising cardboard rather than plastic cases and largely reducing the plastic used in packaging
• Double Panelled Sleeves with pockets or other disk holders rather than plastic jewel cases
• Digital Media Mailers lightweight and made from 100% recyclable materials.
• Zipper Mailers for the eco-friendly and safe transit of disks through Australia Post which also delivers a “WOW” to the end customer
At no stage in the development of our environmentally friendly products have we taken a backward step in our commitment to quality. In fact, our products are at the premium end of the market in appearance and performance without the presumed price of such a high class product.

Environmental Product Components

In addition to Media Mover’s innovative eco-designs we have also been investing in eco-friendly product components demonstrating a further commitment to reducing our emissions. Once more we have come up with environmentally friendly alternatives without comprimising our commitment to quality or price.

These product components include:
• Recycled boards
• Recycled plastic trays
• Vegetable and soy based inks

Recycled Materials

Recycled Boards – Media Movers have introduced the opportunity to select recycled (>80% post consumer waste) for selected 200gsm and 300gsm paper board products. This is available for traypacks (Digipacks), cardboard sleeves and wallets as well as mailers that we now supply, design and produce – these are all starting our eco-range of products.

Recycled Plastic Trays – Media Movers have experimented successfully in re-cycling production waste clear plastic into full production re-cycled clear trays for Traypacks – black trays are also available and have been for a while, but the clear alternative adds to the product appearance.

Soy based Inks

Media Movers has been successfully experimenting with vegetable based inks which are available for all print products, but at this stage have a high price tag on them. We will continue to offer this product whilst working to reduce the cost in the long term. The quality of these inks is extremely impressive.

Media Movers is an International company which sources and sells products globally allowing us to have our finger on the worldwide pulse of environmental innovation. Our pro-activity in reducing both our own, and our client’s carbon footprint has been the result of a planned vision which we intend to see through.

Our journey is not yet ended, we believe there are great opportunities to further reduce the collective carbon footprint of our industry and to do this in an economically viable way. Media Movers plans to continue it’s leadership in this endeavour, and requests that you keep abreast of some of the wonderful developments that will be announced by us in the not distant future.

Packaging Available with Eco-Options

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